learn Quran

  • If you learn Quran online base You go here…

1. http://www.quranexplorer.com/Quran/ 

2. http://read.quranexplorer.com/1/1/Usmani/Mishari-Rashid/Eng-Pickthal-Audio/Tajweed-ON


If you want to Download Quran Desktop application you go here



  • Here you can do

1. Arabic audio recitation from 6 famous Qaris

2. Arabic text with translations in 7 languages

3. Audio Translations in English and Urdu

4. Sura, Verse, Juz, & Qari selection options

5. Easy Navigation and Streaming Audio

6. Easy to read font with adjustable sizes

7. Custom font developed for IndoPak script

8. Automatically Bookmarks your progress


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